How many songs does Weezer play at a regukar 4 hr concert????

Hi i want to know how many songs Weezer typically plays at a concert!! Please hellpp!! thnks

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Between 15-19 depending on the night whether they headline or are just part of a larger festival. But it's between 1:15-1:45 at the most.

Yeah, yesterday they played 17 songs, and then 2 more for the encore. It was probably about an hour and a half long, but I wasn't keeping time at all.


They are playing in NY with the Flaming Lips....Weezer does the first half of the show and Flaming Lips does the second half...

If Weezer is headlining, I think standard is 17 songs for the set, 3 for the first encore and 2 for the second.

If it's a festival, usually 15 for the main set

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