I was considering going to see the band in Atlantic City in May.  I have heard that the band only plays about an hour....Can anyone tell me how long their set is?  I think in this economy a band needs to give you at least an hour and a half.

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why are people still answering this question?
No.  Weezer just doesn't want to do a longer set.  20 songs(usually tops for them) is a pretty easy gig for pretty easy money.  And they are not going to do more, when fans are willing to pay for less, imo.

The dreWid said:
Other bands might do longer set because they are on drugs and they could endure it longer. 
Counting instrumentals, intros and outros as songs, headlining they do roughly 22, festivals they do about 15-16.  That's pretty consistent.  Mashups count as one song btw.

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