ATNW writes a story has more views and posts than the thread in second place and is close to being tied with first...yet it's in third.


I think the higher ups are skewing the stats.

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i could be wrong but i think kittens asked about this a while back and i'm not sure we ever got a solid answer.


i'm guessing it's a mix of several things and doesn't just rely on posts/views.

well now it's in second place, and has fewer views than the thread in first place.

like berry said, i suspect it's more than post and view counts. given the nature of the two threads, i'd assume the response rate to each is included in the algorithm, and possibly the thread creation date in relation to the current date. in this case, the maladroit thread has more views and has been active longer than your thread, though your thread has more posts and likely had a faster response rate from the start.


it's kind of like how the member leaderboard doesn't simply run on the number of posts you've made in a day/week, but rather the value of all the content you've added to the site. that's determined by the response that your content gets from other users. if i make one thread that everyone posts in, and dorian makes ten threads that no one posts in, my content is deemed more valuable, and i move to the top.


anyway, only ning would know for sure how the leaderboards work, and they don't seem to be willing to divulge the specifics.

It's gotta be rigged since my thread is now off the top and threads with 2 pages and less than half the views are still there.

lolz sorry. are there any other SEO-related keywords that rank highest in pushing you over the edge?



speaking of keywords, brof is prob right about 'weezer' playing a big part in the rankings.

brofessefef said:


Good lord, I'm currently in charge of SEO for my workplace.  If I hear the word algorithm again I might hang myself.

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