Make Believe is like Pinkerton in terms of lyrics. Songs like Perfect SItuation, Hold Me, Peace and Haunt you everyday are so similar to pinkerton style weezer. How do most people not like this Make Believe, but love Hurley? Please explain.

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People don't love Hurley. From what I can tell people are pretty indifferent but the reaction has been better than Raditude or Red.

I'm with you Make Believe being..well underrated is not the right word. I think the album actually did pretty well. I just think people are too pretentious to get into it. Perfect Situation rocked my socks off for a long time. This Is Such A Pity sounded unique at the time but didn't age THAT well. I mean, I still like it.

I think the problem was that the low points are just too low for people to overcome. Beverly Hills was a turning point; it really changed what it means to be a Weezer fan. If there wasn't a distinct line between old and new fans that song did it. The other low points (in my opinion) are the lyrics in We Are All On Drugs and the entirety of Freak Me Out.

I've defended this album to death in the last 5 years and I'll spare you the rest of my opinions on this album. You're right, some people loathe this album and I don't know why.
They don't like it cuz they are all on drugs. 
I agree. Make Believe is a really good album. It's actually the first Weezer album I ever bought. I was only twelve when I bought it but when I listened to it, I loved it. From there on, I was a hooked Weezer fan.

It's true that the lyrics definitely have a lot of meaning to them. I remember reading somewhere that Rivers had said he was completely done with writing songs like "Perfect Situation." That song ended up being one of the best songs on that album, along with many others like "Hold Me" and the great "Haunt You Everyday."

What I think will happen with Make Believe is that it might become another Pinkerton. It won't be respected and honored in the same way Pinkerton is, but people will look back on it and remember it as a good album. Not Weezer's BEST album, but a generally okay album. Like what Makeuponshelf said, "Beverly Hills" definitely was a low point for it, but overall, that album is good.
I'll have to remember that next time someone asks me to recomend an okay album

Mandy said:
but people will look back on it and remember it as a good album. Not Weezer's BEST album, but a generally okay album.
completely agree. hold me and perfect situation are two of my favorite weezer songs by far
I personally like the album. But to compare the lyrics on Make Believe to the ones on Pinkerton is ridiculous.
I thoroughly enjoy Make Believe. I like Beverly Hills a lot, even though I know that there's a few people out there that don't. Hold Me is definitely the strongest song on the album and Peace, Pardon Me, and Haunt You Everyday are also really fantastic.

But Perfect Situation is probably my favorite off of that album. If anyone says that they really don't like Perfect Situation, then they must have never seen it performed live.
i like make believe a lot, but saying it is like pinkerton in terms of lyrics is absurd and insane
make believe does not come close at all to having pinkerton lyrics
I'm usually a big defender of Make Believe, but I'm not about to put it at the same level as Pinkerton, lyrics or otherwise. I might have done so for certain songs when I first heard them, but it was probably more out of desperation than anything. I think whenever Weezer releases a song with even a tiny bit of lament in the lyrics, people (including myself) want to equate it to Pinkerton.

What I don't get is when people say it's worse than Green.
People don't like it because most of the songs are completely boring and generic. We Are All on Drugs has bad lyrics, but its the god awful melody and riffs that make it a bad song. Perfect Situation, Hold Me and Peace are generally about 'emotional' topics, but the lyrics are very bland and impersonal (anyone could come up with similar lyrics without much thought) and so are actually the opposite to 'pinkerton style'.

Even though Hurley does have its bad points, the production is good, the songs have a lot of energy and the guitars sound great. Make Believe sounds very limp in comparison. I think the main reason it gets so much hate is that Beverly Hills, We Are All on Drugs and My Best Friend are clear low points for weezer. Also, songs like 'Pardon Me' were hyped up to be 'epic' emotional songs that were among Rivers' best and most personal tracks. What we got instead was an ok, but very generic song. I do like Perfect Situation, Damage in Your Heart and (especially) The Other Way, but the rest is just very forgettable.
I love it. One of my personal favourites tied with maladroit and hurley. This Is Such a Pity, Peace and Haunt You Everyday are incredible songs. The only one I have a dislike for is Beverly Hills, I do however, like We Are All On Drugs, not really for the lyrical content but I do like the intro riff, very epic.

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