Other than memories and Hang On at a couple festival shows, weezer hasn't sang any of their songs off hurley. Any ideas?

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IKR?! I just saw Weezer live twice, and they only played Memories, and a bunch of older stuff. I can't wait to hear them rock out Trainwrecks live!
Actually, they've played a lot of Red live. I think the only songs they haven't played live are Heart Songs (unless you count the vinyl as live), Everybody Get Dangerous, Cold Dark World, and Angel and the One.

The Troublemaker tour was sooooo good.

Indiekid said:

Well while touring Red they played troublemaker, Greatest Man, Pork And Beans, Heart Songs, Automatic and King live

While touring Raditude they did I Want You To, Im Your Daddy, Girl Got Hot (Although i think they only played it once at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival, Korea), Cant Stop Partying, Trippin' Down The Freeway and Let It All Hang Out

From Hurley they have only played Memories, Hang On and Unspoken (Which i have not seen any footage of)

So yeah hes right enough to say they havent played enough of Hurley just the two singles really. I really want them to play Smart Girls and Ruling Me when they get back on a proper tour and i really hope Unspoken wont be the third single.
Brandon said:


they have only been playing singles off their most recent albums ever sine Red came out. More than half of Red and Rad have never been played live. But in defense of this years tour it was a Memories tour and they have been sticking to strictly singles and then the album (blue or pink). The only except has been the toss in of a b-side which again is from either blue or pink to coincide with the tour.


They did also play Unspoken live

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