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This is So Gross and Cute Gif - This is So Gross and Cute
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lol. my god, Crystal...
i'm sorry, it's because i had this really weird dream where i was upset and crying, and i tried to blow my nose and the snot just kept coming out, on and on and on and sometimes i would have to pull it out. really weird. but relax, i didn't eat my snot in the dream. (nor in real life, fyi)

Wilford Brimley 666 said:
lol. my god, Crystal...
That gif has me mesmerized.

that must be a good feeling

Dr. B. Lurkom, PhD said:

I am feeling great. My best friend is driving to Vegas with his wife, im watching the house, He is going to get tickets to the Rush concert in vegas which is on a Friday awesome. I am happy because the concerts in LA are during the week cant do anything during the week.

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