I keep hearing more and more about this horse meat scandal in Europe.  People are getting really upset about it.  I understand why they are upset...but I don't think that they do.  If you are going to eat meat, go for it.  But don't get all upset when you are trying to eat meat and you accidentally eat meat.

there is no logic in seeing this:

[pic of dead horse covered in blood]


and going:


But then seeing this:

[pic of dead cow with throat ripped open]

And going:


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I highly doubt anyone could actually taste a difference...

That being said, I'd eat it.

well, imo, (and in the uk, at least) it's less about the apparent hypocrisy of eating one type of animal but not another, and more about the fact the food we’re eating may not be the product that was advertised. for example, some economy burgers tested were found to contain both pork and horse meat, neither of which were listed as ingredients on the packaging. certainly there may be a few people who might be upset by the possibility of having unknowingly eaten horse but there are way more people who have objections to eating pork (e.g. on religious grounds) so i think this argument isn’t really at all about people getting all ‘omg i ate a pony?!?’ – it’s more about how can the public make informed food choices if we can’t reliably know what’s in a product. if these products had listed horse meat, or pork, as an ingredient, people could have decided for themselves if they want to eat it or not.

it's also worrying in terms of food/supply chain security. meat production is very highly regulated in the UK/EU, and an animal that is bred for meat is tracked (usually with a tag) from its birth until its slaughter. so, for any given product containing meat, we should know exactly where that meat came from. at least, that’s how the system is supposed to work. clearly, in this case, some organisation has violated the integrity of the supply chain to bring in non-standard products. this raises the worrying question - what else could be in our food that we don’t know about?

anyway, i'm off for a horse lasagne.


yes, i understand that the issue is about false advertising.  and the unadvertised pork is certainly an issue.  but the media hardly mentions the pork.  what is being talked about all over is the horse meat.  my point is, if this were advertised as horse meat...very few people would buy it, and i think that is wrong.  i think the more worrying question is not what else could be in our food that we don't know about, but what else could be happening to our food that we don't know about?  and why are we bothered by South Korea's diet of dogs and not by our diet of pigs.  (the response of "bacon" will not be accepted)

also, the fact that my pictures of dead horse and dead cow were removed does not upset me...but it does make the point that most people would rather be ignorant as to what is actually happening to their food than to see the truth.

berry and spaz - im proud to know that you would not turn down a succulent, tender horse steak.

trevor - peggy said she wants to taste your horse meat

Margaret's Horsey [Jupiter 80] said:


i get the issue with advertising beef and getting pork and pony.

but as a poor northerner (it's grim oop north), even if i knew that the a lasagna had horse in it i would still buy it if it was a cheaper alternative to a beef one. That attitude is widely the same up here, meat is meat and it tastes basically the same.

there were some cracking jokes about the whole subject though!!

Yeah the attitude in this country is "It's ok to kill and eat any animal as long as they are not common as pets" which is dumb.

oprah, didn't you say years ago that you weren't going to eat another hamburger?

oprah said:

Yeah the attitude in this country is "It's ok to kill and eat any animal as long as they are not common as pets" which is dumb.

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