If you could release one of these albums in their entirety from the magical completed vaults of Weezertopia which would you pick?

Personally, I'd have to pick Homie, we got a lot of the sweet STFBH stuff on Pinkerton and I just think the material on Homie was a lot more consistant.

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Oh, I see. now i understand.

Jamekae said:

Dungeon Master said:
consider we have most of SFTBH and are getting the rest on Alone III, this is a non-question.

Rivers has effectively released SFTBH, just in different sections.

so your question is, should rivers the Homie demos? I think, yes, he should. we would all like to hear them.

Yes, but as I said, in my hypothetical question Homie and Songs From the Black H*** are both fully completed in the vaults. For SFTBH that would mean a lot tighter production, Cuomo would stop talking with himself on songs like 'You Won't Get With Me Tonight' and general refinement across the board. Imagining a SFTBH like that is so bonerific. Imagine a completed SFTBH up against a completed Homie.
just release both! =D sure, we have most of the the SFTBH songs, but it would be awesome to get them all together in one release. and of course the Homie tracks would be excellent!

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