So, long story- Im thinking of grad school majoring in painting and so I have to put together a portfolio. Im working on pieces that are just about my life. So- this piece is about me and the moment when I first heard weezer. I was in 8th grade at church doing forced bible study class. I came from a very sheltered background (growing up we were not allowed to listen to music that had lyrics etc) SO for me, it was divine intervention that I heard this album. All the colors used are copied from the blue album color, also the 3 lighter blue stripes are important because I have had to purchase the blue cd a total of 3 times now, and also the different blues are the color of the newest and older blue on the cd booklets I own. I have this thing about goats- thats me "happy" with my ear plugs. Also the yellow nimbus and the red heart stripes pattern are fabric patterns on 2 of the shirts off the blue album. Blah blah blah- just looking for some, hopefully, positive input and to just share. :)
(this is my first post- hope I did it right, haha!)

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I have this thing about goats...
I think its fantastic! I don't know a alot about painting but I can tell you put a lot of heart into this and it shows through all the different aspects of the picture. This is an excellent first post my friend :)

That's pretty good. Where are you going for school?

I'm going to an art school for automotive design.

Where's the iPad portraits thread?
this is pretty good
I couldn't find it. I wonder if he ever finished his Rivers portrait....

ಠ_ಠ Wilford Brimley ಠ_ಠ said:
Where's the iPad portraits thread?
Awe-sum Nubian and Toggenburg! The thing about goats is just that when I first went to college my intention was to major in Dairy Science and have a small production dairy goat farm. It didnt happen, so its not some weird-o goat issue.
Soo-- this was like the first painting I ever did 2 years ago or so, i didnt even finish it.. but Enjoy!
aw i love the rivers goat's mustache!

lol, my dear god.

Also I love that 'Dairy Science' was your intentional major, or that it is a major at all for that matter.


Teacup Zorg said:

Just to reaffirm:

This is the weirdest / my favorite thread of all time

i just threw out the goat of my dreams

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