well, it's christmas eve eve and most people have a lot of time off work.

what y'all up to this christmas time?

me: tonight tesco to to last minute shiz then bed

tomorrow - christmas bbq at my house then pub crawl

christmas day - mum's for christmas tea (i'm cooking it O_O) then pub

boxing day - all day pub and then seeing a RHCP tribute act

27th - family meal, then pub

28th - all day and night session in manchester, there is a big house music thing on... maybe edgisode

29th - ????

30th - pub

new years eve - don't know

and a merry christmas

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today - gym, finish up some shopping, see xmas lights with the gal

Saturday - xmas eve dinner, open some presents

Sunday - feeding some homeless peeps, then going to movies (not with the homeless peeps,) pass out under the xmas tree

Monday- sleep in, prepare for court

Merry Christmas to all!


Tonight-Watch some TV and go to bed
Tomorrow-Last minute shopping, visit my grandad, then Christmas eve pints with the lads.
Christmas-Family meal at my parents house
Boxing Day-Might do a bit of shopping in the sales, then out to my mates party.

The rest of the week is undecided so far. 

Happy holidays everyone! <3

tonight - dinner, checking in on a friend's cat, nada.

tomorrow - taking atomic to the airport at an ungodly hour, sleeping, no real plans after that, other than playing video games and drinking christmas beer. oh, and checking on that cat.

christmas - pretty much the same thing i did on saturday, just w/o a trip to the airport.

monday - see christmas.

Happy Festivus

Today: finished wrapping gifts, have coffee and cake for my sister-in-law's birthday, go out for a few drinks

Tomorrow: sleep late, send out massive amounts of text messages to beat the midnight maddness

Sunday: open gifts, pretend to appreciate them,eat,drink,be merry

Today: Headed over to grandparent's house (staying here for the first bit of the week). Saw Mission Impossible 4 with my little cousin. Going to bed early because I'm extremely tired.

Saturday: Chilling with family all day, probs watch some Christmas movies.

Sunday: Opening presents at whatever early hour my cousin wakes me up at, hopefully building some Lego ;) , rest of the family is coming up for Christmas dinner. Exchange presents with aunts and cousins. Being thankful for my friends and family.

Monday: Boxing day shopping.

Rest of the week:  dunno 

I did some last minute shopping today and wrapped my presents.

Tomorrow, we Icelanders celebrate presents on eve's night, so I'll be up late with new video games.

Day, the Dad's side of the family is having a gathering.

New Years? Friends lake house and lots of imbibing.

today-  spent most of the day listening to music and spiffing up the house 

tomorrow- probably more cleaning, work in the yard(brrr...), then a quiet xmas eve, maybe watch a xmas movie

sunday- presents, dinner at our house 

new year's eve and day- primus in san francisco

Today - visited friends, gave them a present.

Tomorrow - quiet time alone, cleaning possibly.

Sunday - xmas dinner at a friend's house.

28th - Bob Seger @ Staples

29th - might go to Carlsbad to see Frankie Marathon.

30th - Dentist appointment.  Have to go drop off a record @ Echo Park.  I also plan to see Matthew Sweet @ Echoplex

1st - JetStream @ Canyon Club

Saturday night- pizza party, bar hopping, late midnight chinese dinner ( tradition- obvs), funny videos after some sambuca..not sure if I should post em ;)

Sunday- went to annual family party, the night is young...

rest of the week-- full of surprises :) and work :(

New years- friend's birthday party 

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