I like it when you fill out your profiles so I can see who I'm talking to.  :)

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Galaxy, you totally just made me LOL.

BTW did the illnesses in your house ever end long enough for your family to enjoy Christmas?


GalaxyDuster said:

I hide behind this awesome picture of the Orion Nebula. Nothing shall change that, Mr. Pumpkin-Carving-Face-Man. :P

Ok here it is - just for you. I hate putting my photo on my profile 'cause I look like Chicken Little.

but I hope we can be friends. I'm friends with lotsa insects too.

rivers, i have you name tattoo'd in my leg.


hopefully that narrows it down a bit


Miwa Rc said:
Hey Rivers! You got plans coming to Finland and play some music any time soon?
I wouldn't even know what to add to mine. Halp!
you're good, man.
filled out my profile, i've even got a picture
Yeah I figured adding any "About Me" or "Biography" stuff would be a little superfluous.
<------------ This is me ;-) xx
I'm not cross-eyed in real life. Just in my profile pic, but I had to show off Rivers giving me lovins'!!! hahaha
So I says to em, "Hey uhh... Rivers, how about a little somethin for the effort, you know?" And the guy said, "there will be no response, but on your deathbed you will achieve full and total consciousness........ so I got that goin for me.

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