I like it when you fill out your profiles so I can see who I'm talking to.  :)

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I completely forgot about my profile lol.
Just filled it out now :)
Oh, you want pictures do you?
ok ill try and add as much as i can now :)
Pictures would be great!  Thank you.
do you know how to edit your thumbnail so you can move your picture into place
Alright Rivers, you got my info. Now don't go trying to avoid me at the Chicago meet and greets cause I've got some SERIOUS questions for you about Star Wars. jk
Do you ever recognize the people who speak to you on here/on other forums and people on different sites, like facebook, Rivers?
very effective)
I got pictures! And we are recording new podcast tonight. Check it out and have a laugh! Subscribe to Uncry These Tears on iTunes and check us out at www.uncrythesetears.com
or he wants to know which crazies to avoid...

☺♥ kïttens ♥☺ said:
rivers is trolling for chicks, imo


OK, I got my pic on.  It was from the 1st night at Roseland Ballroom!  Can't wait to see the group photos from 2nd night!  Thank you so much for the best weekend/shows ever! 

Mine is probably too full. LOL

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