Hey M' Darlin' - What are the chords played during the solo??

This song has quickly become one of my favorite Rivers Cuomo songs, why?  Because of the quirky guitar riff, sweet little hooks "I'll be damned if I am the candy man", a fun guitar solo (which is the reason for this post) and just random lyrics that fit the song.


For those of you who haven't heard it, this seems to be a rare live version Cuomo recorded when he was in his other band Homie:



The solo starts at 1:47, What I'm interested in is the funky guitar chords he plays during the solo, which is 3 chords at most.


Here is the guitar tab: http://classic.weezer.com/info/tabs/heymdarlin.txt


Any guitar players out there that can identify the chords he plays during the solo?  If you can, could you tell me what they are, or perhaps tab them if they're a bit more complex than your normal Major/minor chords.


Many thanks in advance,



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Sorry man, I can't help you :( That being said, since you're such a fan of the song I'd like to point out to you the HOMiE tribute album version that The Lifetaker and Runnersdialzero put out a few years ago. It doesn't have the funky chords you're look for, but it does the rest of the song terrific justice in a studio setting!



this album is my favorite Weezer tribute album.  "Hot Tub" is amazing!

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