It's pretty self explanatory. Rank Weezer's albums (from your favorite to your least favorite).

My list goes as follows:



Red (Deluxe)/Hurley [tied]



Make Believe


I struggled big-time (I'm talking hours of deliberation here, people--not even kidding, it's borderline pathetic really) with the placement of Red and Hurley. In the end, I decided, consistently speaking, that I think I like Hurley better. To me, it really is the most CONSISTENTLY good Weezer release since Blue/Pinkerton. But on to Red, or Red (Deluxe) rather. To be honest, the reason why I place so much value on Red and like it so much, I'd say, is 60% because of the 4 bonus tracks included on the deluxe edition. Without "Miss Sweeney", "Pig", "The Spider, and "King" included in said deluxe edition, I would've known FOR SURE that Hurley would be ahead of Red. Similarly, let's just say for a moment, that if those 4 tracks were included in Red, not as bonus tracks but as original releases, it would be the other way around, once again, I'd know FOR SURE that Red would be ahead of Hurley. 

Oh Lord. Sorry for the rambling. And possible boredom. And definite confusion. 

To make a longer than necessary story short, when it comes down to it, I honestly cannot, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, decide between the two albums and that is why, as you see, Red (Deluxe) and Hurley are tied on my list. It's those damn bonus tracks of Red (Deluxe), man, I'm telling you! I. Just can't. Get over. Them.

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1 - Raditude
2 - Green
3- Hurley
4 - Blue
5- Pinkerton
6 - Death To False Metal
7 - Make Believe
8 - Red
9 - Maladroit
1: pinkerton
2: Blue and make believe
3: Green
6: Red
7: Hurley
1 blue / pinkerton/hurley/red/ green /maladroit/radatude/make believe / dtfm
2..................oh crap umm this is harder than i thought
1. Pinkerton (Deluxe)
2. Blue
3. Green
4. Hurley
5. Make Believe
6. Maladroit
7. Red
8. Raditude

I didn't include Death To False Metal since it's not really a proper studio album
1. Pinkerton - a masterpiece of music. one of the best albums EVER written.
2. Blue Album - perfect hooks and perfect distortion, 16 years later this album still never gets old
3. Green Album - i actually love all the melodies, the layered solos. completely underrated as an album
4. Make Believe - the most-overlooked =w= album. this was Rivers letting us back into his world.
5. Maladroit - metal riffage for days, this album had a lot of great tracks and spent a lot of time in my CD player
6. Red Album Deluxe - the bonus tracks, especially "King" are exceptional, but its hard to top TGMTEL.
7. Raditude Deluxe - some of the songs are forgettable, but overall pretty decent.
8. Hurley - can't knock the boys for appealing to a new generation, but not my favorite.
1. Pinkerton
2. Blue Album
3. Maladroit
4. Hurley
5. Make Believe
6. Green Album
7. Raditude
8. Red Album

PS: I've loved every single Weezer's released though, except Troublemaker. I mean those lyrics coming from a Harvard graduate? Come on.

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