My guest wont stop watching Britney Spears. I'm going to go mad.

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Hide under a table and hope it goes away?

post a map on here of your neighbourhood and we can all chip in ideas of where to hide their bodies...

.com has a super power, I believe... because like 5 seconds (literally..) after I posted this.. he goes "Ok. I'm done." *click* (Thank God.)

Too bad I was walking around for an hour saying "1, 2, 3, not only you and me..........."

what you do is say "Did you know Britney Spears actually wrote a song for (insert a musician you can stand)? Let me play it for you" and then you just play any random song. it'll work cause britney spears fans don't have many synapses firing in the brain, he'll totally fall for it.

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