I need to get my friends into Weezer...what songs should I show them?

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you sound like a horrible friend.

What are you talking about? I think my friends might like Weezer, but I'm not sure what songs they should listen to first.

Thanks for the help,"slick".

slick mahony said:

you sound like a horrible friend.

Show them the hits first, everyone I know loves "Island In The Sun" even though they don't like any other ones. Show them "Beverly Hills", "Pork and Beans", "Hash Pipe", "Buddy Holly", "Undone" and "El Scorcho" those songs should probably get them hooked then they can start listening to the classics and the b-sides etc.

Hmm ok I will try to think about this from a new person's perspective and not just pick personal faves of my own haha

Is it not helpful to say just all of Blue ;)... hehe but if just a few songs from it:

My Name is Jonas, Say It Ain't So are musts

In the Garage


Jamie (maybe a live version would be cool, I love this one live)


Longtime Sunshine

Across the Sea

El Scorcho

The Good Life


Tragic Girl


Island In the Sun

Hash Pipe

Keep Fishin'

Beverly Hills

Perfect Situation

Haunt You Every Day

Greatest Man


Pork and Beans

Miss Sweeney

If you're wondering...

Put Me Back Together

Ruling Me


Run Away


It really depends on what kind of music they are into.

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