There is a weezer triva quiz that my local radio station is holding that is somewhat difficult, if i am succesful in answering all the questions correctly and am picked I get to meet weezer backstage


Question I am having the most trouble with :

How many pieces of vinyl are in Weezer's biggest LP release to date?

thanks to all that can help!

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how do you not know the answer to that question.

I'm an idiot


that's why I need the help so badly

Island said:

I'm an idiot


pinkerton deluxe probably

another question that someone on here probably knows is :

After years of confusion, Rivers recently proved that Weezer's first ever rehearsal was not actually on February 14, 1992, the day the band was formed. Which day was the 1st rehearsal?


I think the answer to the first one is The Blue Album

I'm not sure about the second one...

I think the first one would be Pinkerton Deluxe, with 4 pieces of vinyl. 

Most answers could probably be found on weezerpedia: 

Ohh! Damn I misread the question. Yeah I'd have to say Pinkerton Deluxe.
i found there first reheral was on feb 15th and thanks for the answers so far
give us the next stupidly easy question.
Anyone know bands that Weezer (Not Goat Punishment) has covered their songs with the exception of Blur? I need four more and lady gaga/mgmt is not an option

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