I'm trying to think of a song to cover that (not to be hipster or anything) isn't very mainstream, and that true weezer fans will appreciate. So yeah... any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks for the help guys, this site has an awesome community.

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thanks man!

Radioactive said:
Dude, I'm impressed!  Nice!!
haha, well put, maybe ill do 2 covers :P

Wilford Brimleyž (diabeetužž) said:

Oh No, This Is Not For Me



and if not,




Come To My Pod


Nothing else will prove your true fandom. DUH.

That is really good :) the only that i would say is to try and add bass if you can, it would make it sound a lot better.

Ricky Bureau said:

http://soundcloud.com/rickybobby/blastoff-work-in-progress-no <- Heres a little progress report


Give me some feedback :D I know theres some pitchy spots, and the vocoder part needs to be reworked in the beginning, but ill work on that after work. Tell me whatcha think and give me some advice :D Thanks for your time.

and fix the timing.  some parts seem glued together, badly

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