I realize I don't post much here, and am pretty invisible. But I would like to get the chance to introduce my self to you all.
 My name's Johnnie,
I play guitar,
I'm 16,
I love Weezer (obviously),

I also love Ludo, (The band), 

I'm starting a band soon, 
I like the color orange.

Anything else you would like to know about me just feel free to ask :D  

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do you:


  1. promise to do things you will never do?
  2. fail at doing even the simplest task?
  3. enjoy hentai?


if the answer to these is 'no', hello 

No to all, but that thread was quite amusing. I will not lie.

then you are most welcome among us :)


my name is victoria.

my favourite colour is blue.

i am not starting a band soon.


that's all for now!

Johnnie Estep said:

No to all, but that thread was quite amusing. I will not lie.

How d'you do.


Cool story, bro!
My name is Andrew
I play guitar 
My age is none of your business 
I like weezer
I also like van halen, blink-182, Alan jackson, and many other bands
I have a band (if you can even call it one)
My favourite colour is blue

And I am totally awsm, 'kay?

i am awesome


i have proof

I'm indiekid and I'm the indiest guy on these message boards

I'm Stefan

I'm 16 in a bit less than 2 months.

I'm from Toronto.

Everyone used to make fun of me on here, but then they all moved on to Crackerjack.

So now I like to think of myself as an accepted and welcomed member of this forum.

I love Weezer, and I want to go on the cruise.

I also like The White Stripes, Green Day, The Killers, and a bunch of other softcorepoppunkrock bands that you'd probably say are lame.

I know the very basics of guitar, and I'm not in a band.


oh and my favourite colour is blue.

good day,


i am Jordan

reading farkas's posts now genuinely drains life out of me 

i, like you enjoy listening to weezer


I'm Lisa
Longtime Weezer fan, new to the boards
Going to my first live show soon at Jones Beach
Very enthusiastic, but not in a creepy way.
I love all kinds of music but Weezer and the Clash are my favorites.
Nice to meet you!

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