what is it about "heartsongs" that people don't like?  


trying to learn.........


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I guess because it's just a softer style than what people are used to
i used to not like it, but it's grown on me.

It is nice to listen to and the structure and production sound good but I felt it lacked something so please don't take this as a harsh criticism but as a critique.  The first time I heard it I thought to myself, "Hmm, very American Pie-esque."  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAsV5-Hv-7U. Like Don McLeans American Pie it is nostalgic, partly biographical, and metaphorical.  But I think what it lacked in the end was the culminating swell, the denouement if you will the American Pie hits you with at the end.  Of course the song is not a political statement like American Pie is but maybe it is the coupling of the lyrics to the music. Maybe too flat and mono dimensional?


I also thought of Morrissey's Paint a Vulgar Picture. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08Zc17YQzdk. I love Johnny Marr as a guitar player and Morrissey seems to have this ability to write lyrics that roll, sway and swirl to the music underneath.

I dunno Rivers, personally I really liked heart songs

For me, the main problem with "Heart Songs" is that the song wasn't delivered in your musical voice. Or, at least, it didn't feel that way.


"Heart Songs" very much followed the Red tradition of experimentation, but I feel that experimentation was unfit for this particular track. A certain population of Weezer fans, myself included, expected your 'love song to music' to be synchronous with what seems to be Weezer's native style - crunchy guitars, heavy drums, deep bass ... y'know, Blue.


That's my two cents, anyway.


P.S. Glad you're back, Rivers!

I am of no help because I really like that song. I think it's nice to step away from the norm and do something out of the box. I like the softness of it. I think people might just miss the heavy guitar sound. Your voice is softer in it too but.. again.. I like that in this song. I think it'd sound kinda weird if it wasn't and the intensity picks up towards the end so I don't know.
I think it's a great song, I really do... Maybe it's because the people that don't like it are part of a younger generation and don't really understand everything thats going on in the song??  I mean the TRL generation is so different than the MTV generation, a time when music videos were played one after another.  I don't know, this songs give me and my husband chills... So that's all I can guess it is.
it's really cheesy, even for you.



This is a Weezer songblog Rivers, and I think it really captured why Heart Songs failed to resonate. The site is a great resource if you want to look at some in-depth fan evaluations of your songs by the way.

What I meant by "In the end" was not the end of the song but "Ultimately" . There is the swell in the end, it's still a bit underwhelming.

I'll be honest, it took me a long time to come around to "Heartsongs" but I like it now.  I used to skip it all the time, and the main reason is its placement on Red.  I love Red Album, really, REALLY love it.  Trouble Maker, Greatest Man and Pork and Beans are all so big and so fierce, to me "Heartsongs" felt kind of like a let down afterward.  And then  "Everybody Get Dangerous" follows which is also so much harder and louder.  I still skip over it often when I'm listening to Red, then go back to it after some of the more mellow songs toward the end of the album.  


I like it's message.  We all have "heartsongs" and I appreciate how ecclectic yours are as mine are very ecclectic too.  And it definitely picks up strength in the end (it took me a while to realize that ;) I always find the lyric about Debbie Gibson kind of funny though, has Tiffany ever commented? 


  I second what Jamekae said: TVS is a really well-written blog and would be a great resource for you, Rivers. If nothing else, read the entry about "Pig."

Personally, I've never really been into this track. This is all just my opinion, of course, but I find it absolutely not "Weezer" at all. Not to say EVERYTHING has to receive the Weezer treatment (a lot of Red was experimental and great ie. Greatest Man, Dreamin', Sweeney), but this one isn't a strong example of going a different direction. I appreciate the sentiment completely, but I have to agree on the slight cheese factor to it. In comparison it's sort of bland.

To go off on a tangent because it fits: Speaking of "Weezer Treatment," it is kinda interesting how you can take pretty much any of your songs, and if done properly, you turn it into a potentially classic Weezer song. The shining example of this process is actually the recently released State Farm jingle. While, no, it's not gonna ever be a classic song, you can TOTALLY see that it actually sounds fantastic because of how it was done. You guys got into a room together, churned it out real quick with little fuss. No cheese, just a great vibe and a killer sound.


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