what is it about "heartsongs" that people don't like?  


trying to learn.........


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Hear, hear!


This is long overdue.

danger is my speciality [berry] said:

biebs is the best moderator here, hands down. i don't know why tptb don't just accept it and give him the powers he needs to go about his business.


not even kidding.

kitten$ bieber ♥ said:

Ali will just unlock it. :/

kitten$ bieber ♥ said:

Here's the deal Rivers, 

Heartsongs is a great tune. I've had Heartsongs on heavy Ipod rotation for  a while now and its brought a smile to my face many a time. The Beauty of your longevity with weezer is that your Weezer demographic ranges from teen to grave. The reason Heartsongs isn't more popular than it is is that only 1/3rd of your audience can relate to the story.

I personally grew up with Kiss posters on the wall and eventually made my way to Ramones, Clash etc, all the time Def Lepard and Motley Cru were hitting the airwaves with Bruce Springsteen and Madonna ( You've lived this as well ).

Nirvana for most of your audience is Classic Rock with no reference point to where they are in their lives at this moment. If you the lyrics talked about Lady Gaga/Maroon 5/Matchbox 20/Blink 182 then I betcha the response would seen much better.

The problem is old dudes like me (48) don't normally send fan mail or type up letters like this so the only ones your going to hear from are the ones that "don't get it". 

One of the reasons we (wife and I) had such a great time on the weezer cruise was the mix of audience, we partied with kids half our age and enjoyed time with guys like Lou Barlow --- that's a big part of what I feel weezer is all about now, especially after enjoying that cruise. Heartsongs is a great tune with great lyrics that a large group of us can enjoy, words mean more to me than lets say Beverly Hills (also a great tune).  So, keep up the good work  and I don't think at this point it matters if a specific song isn't appreciated by "everyone" cause at the very least you have one guy up in Western Canada that thinks it's a great flashback song.   


Ken P.


I'm a new weezer fan and I'm buying all of their CD's in order. So I kinda see how the band has grown and to be honest, I'm 14 and when I listened to heart songs for the first time (which was like 4 days ago) I felt nostalgic because my parents always played Cat Stevens, Ac/Dc, Queen, Kiss, Quite Riot, Judas Priest, Michael Jackson, Gordon Lightfoot, ect. So I did grow up with these bands and when I was ten (in 08) I listen to weezer for the first time without knowing it (the song was "trouble maker") To put it simply I love the song, I get goosebumps when I listen to it. I don't understand why people don't like it.  

...did you read the thread?

Joshua Rodriguez said:

I don't understand why people don't like it.  

Do people actually think rivers still reads this? CUZ HE DOESN'T


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