what is it about "heartsongs" that people don't like?  


trying to learn.........


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You said it best in your song "in the garage"!  The question isn't whether we like it, the question is if you like it.
Some say it's kinda cheesy, but I know I enjoyed it.
To be honest i really love heart songs, i totally get it! I think its a really personal song with an insight into Rivers private thoughts. I think it rocked!!!! ;-) xxx

Hey, since the thread has been bumped, I guess I'll contribute, too.  I went and took a good listen, then read through 14 pages of comments and here I am.  I am a music fan and about the same age as the band members.  Here's my take:


I agree with Tom's comments on page 2 about the verses sounding like a list, and the line "when I wake for goodness sake" kind of feeling out of place.  Similarly, Pat's comment about it sounding scripted resonated with me and I think again, it's because of the list.  The drone of the first half of the song sounds like someone reading and not talking spontaneously or with feeling.


IMHO, nothing really hooks the listener right away except for the novelty of the quietness and maybe curiosity.  IF the listener is not my age you may lose them right away because they don't relate at all to the lyrics and the song becomes a trudge, still cruising along in that kind of repetitious groove.  The songs are your heart songs but you seem to not sing about them with feeling, which takes out the emotion for me. Until.... Until...


Whammo - the build as you start singing about Nirvana.  Now we're getting some feeling in the voice and in the music, the build starts and the song comes alive.  I think if people have hung with it this long they'll enjoy the song.  But if they gave each track the ol' 30-second test, they are already gone by the time things heat up and get relatable.


For me, a song has about 30 seconds to intrigue me, to draw me in.  Especially when I am experiencing an album for the first time.  Interesting that this is a technology issue - in the past you put an album on the turntable and let it spin.  Or if it was cassette, you wouldn't fast-forward because it was too much trouble.  But now, bam - 30 seconds or it's "skip."


Pariyatti had a good observation about specificity that I agree with.  A lot of appeal in songs is that listener can imagine himself as the protagonist. Maybe directly relating to the story, or maybe playing out a fantasy, or otherwise being able to imagine being the singer.  But this list of heart songs is so specific and detailed it might not have that mass appeal.


But hey, do you want to sing your truth or make a hit record?  I guess your goal is both, eh?  It's rare that every track is a home run, and the more personal stories probably mean a lot to fans even if they're not critical successes.


(I know the request was for what was not to like, but I have to say, since I'm here, that I love the "twist" from your heart songs to your work becoming the listener's heart songs.  Very cool.)

Hey Lisa, 

thanks for this post...it summed up all the previous stuff..

I agree with  a lot of what you said..the scripted/list feeling and that for goodness sake part sound off. This song also reminded me of American Pie as Pariyatti mentioned and I think what would have worked would have been a more "feel good" type of chorus that gets you singing along with buddies...even if you don't feel so nostalgic from the words. Like she said it was some what monotone...the tune is not so memorable. I liked the song after hearing it a few times...as I think at first you hear a song.....and then after you hear it a few times you start to listen. Someone who isn't so much of a fan might not give it a chance as they hear it and then forget it as the music might not leave a lasting impression. If you hear it a few times and start to listen then you start to appreciate it more....


do find the song nostalgic...maybe because I am a bit older...but if there would be something that I would do to make it appeal more to others it would be change the tone of the music/more singing and less "list" like unless you are going for something like "we didnt start the fire" and/or I would put emphasis on a catchy sing along chorus....but then i suppose this changes the song entirely 


Just another opinion from an average listener....not a musician 

Even though some people say that Heartsong is too cheesy, i think that it's great that Weezer can make such a wide range of music.
I, personally loved Heartsong, the lyrics were clever, and i think most of us can relate to it.
Im wondering the same thing...
Good bump, Pablo.

I think the song is great from the bridge onwards.


The build up to it (verses & chorus)... not so much.  And that is most of the song

I love it.

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not even kidding.

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