what is it about "heartsongs" that people don't like?  


trying to learn.........


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what? i was listing to that song when i saw this post, i thought it was one of the best sounding songs ive heard on the red album, which was a great cd, good job and keep makin em!

"Heartsongs" sounds like it's a work in progress. The ending is so strong. The build up, the way you shout, "these are the songs that keep singin". The Nirvana reference was kind of cheesey, the way it's done seems like you saying, "hey guys I listened to 'Nevermind' in the '91". I don't mean any offense by this, but you and millions of other folks heard "Nevermind" in '91. I feel like you could have come up with something more clever than that. I enjoy hearing about the the music that inspired you, like "Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Slayer taught you how to shred.", but you gave Nirvana an entire verse about thier inspiration on Weezer and phoned it in. The first two verses of the song has a great flow to it, where it was lacking musically, and then it is turned around as the third verse starts and the distortion starts in, but is mirrored with sub-par lyrics. In this verse you tell a story about the beginnings of Weezer, and I feel you could have left out the mention of "Nevermind" and elaborate more on the bands genesis like you do in the later part of the verse, it could have made the song a little more personal for yourself and the fans. I understand "heartsongs" is still personal for yourself, and that part of it is the song's saving grace, we love it when you write personal songs, but just writing words about yourself is only half the battle. It might not make sense, but sometimes we can tell when your writing songs and not making music, which you do so well on the Red album.

Do not let this giant run-on sentence confuse you, I do love the song, these are just my problems with it.

You keep singing them and I'll keep buying them.




I love this f****** song Rivers, it brings back great memories and is a nice groove on a warm breezy summer's day




Rivers the best way to show whats missing is listen to Tragic Girl than listen to Heart Songs.

Listen to Across the sea than listen to Heart Songs.

To a person who loves pop they might think...Well Heart songs is much easier on the ears and it certainly is but when you are going for emotional song, or something that has deep meaning you shouldn't go in such a pop direction.

I listen to Tragic girl, and all that rough guitar work, the quivering voice, the dynamic changes within the song, and it's serious...It doesn't have an ounce of....Oh that river's is being ironic, because you aren't...A person listening to Heart Songs might say the opposite... The lyrics, the music and how you sing on it imply something different than what you are trying to convey.

Don't get me wrong I can appreciate your experimental approaches to music but some are hit and some are miss. Listen to Purification of the water rivers, that's a pretty out there song but it fits perfectly in with weezer. The lyrics are full of metaphors that make you think more than the.....saying universal words so the average dumb person can comprehend.

We want to listen a song from you that makes us go, wow.....This is not only exciting to listen to but I can feel the impact, we want words that make us think... I miss lines that are like " words and dreams and a million screams, Oh how i need a hand in mine to feel..."...Or in tragic girl " even as I anoint your door i'm looking out for something more...".... 

Compare lines like that to more recent songs. This is not to say you don't write like you used to ever, there's examples of awesomeness here and there. The angel and the one has some nice lyrics ( could do without all the rhyming though)...Pig (demo) had such a great structure with emotion that I could believe, sweeney and dreamin' captured the music style of old school weezer.

You are obviously very capable, every album you seem to correct one thing but forget about something else you previously corrected. If you could only bring those factors all together. Poetic or meaningful lyrics, music that's exciting/dynamic, melodies that are soaring....Above all just rock.  Oh and it doesn't hurt to do an all acoustic song once in a while..Butterfly is one of your most touching songs ever.



I hope this helps varz.

just f***** retire, dude. go be a vipassana instructor or something.

Gene Simmons, you give hardcore fans a bad name.


Two factions of fans I despise:

1. Fans that like everything the artist does.. ( how is the artist supposed to grow if you think he is perfect all the time.....) It's better to be aware of flaws so you can become a better artist, not wade in bad tendencies.

2. Fans that want the band to end because they don't like them.


Both of you groups..go to hell.

Touchy touchy Daniel.  But I think a little off topic.

I've been on topic. I've written actual advice unlike some of you who just go.." I love everything you do <3" when rivers isn't asking for that.


Plus I was commenting on the jerk comment prior to mine. Fair game.

Anyways, rivers has the right idea musically based off his newer clips he posted on this site. Lyrically and melodically is to be seen.

omg we're still talkin bout dis lol

Nickolas said:
Damn iPhone 

Nickolas said:
After reading all the replies, what I found interesting was the difference of opinions of the song. I must admit I listened to heart
songs on the way to work. It's a great song it's clever
 the way it tells the story of someones musical
 journey, from loving music to being in a band
although the bands rivers cites may not be of my
 era. Im still able to put the music that means so
much to me into my own heart songs formula!
But I'm not in a successful rock band!!

Keep these great songs coming rivers!!!  

Tim Plamondon said:

To me, I think Heartsongs is a very good song, but i'm not sure it's a good 'Weezer' song. It just lacks the drive and feel that defines a 'Weezer' track.


It's a similar situation with 'The damage in your heart' where I think it's so close to having all the elements that make up a 'Weezer' track but somewhere along the way just misses.


The crunchy guitars, wailing vocals, driving bass lines, etc.


I still enjoy the track, but those are my observations!

The song has a good summer feel.  Like a saturday afternoon driving to a bbq at a freinds.  It reminds me of what say it aint so brought to the Blue album but not as dark.  Fits in perefectly where it's positioned in the tracks.  If I wanted an album to be full blast, straight ahead from start to finnish I'd listen to slayer.   
THIS..AGAIN..AND AGAIN. for people who can't comprehend the purpose of this topic.

R.J. Macready (Gohi) said:
He's not asking if you like it, he's asking what people don't like about it (and if you look at reviews by critics and most non-hardcore weezer fans, it is not well-liked).


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