what is it about "heartsongs" that people don't like?  


trying to learn.........


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It sounds like it was scripted and not played.

The arrangement / treatment is awful. It would be awful if an R&B artist did it, and it's awful when you do it.


I really like the idea behind the song, and the lyrics are great, imo. But, it's extremely hard to take seriously with it arranged the way it is.


If you released the same song with just you and an acoustic guitar, I think it would be received well. I know I'd really like to hear it.


Also, the lead guitar on the outro is way too similar to 'The World Has Turned...' Was that intended?


I hope I don't sound too harsh; just tryin' to be honest. :)

booyah. lyrics might be authentic, performance and production isn't. this kinda music has it's place, but a lot would argue that place isn't on a weezer album.


there was one time that i heard this song and geniunely felt it was appropriate. i was getting lunch with my girlfriend at a Panera Bread, and they had it playing in the background. if that's the kind of song you wanted to write, you nailed it.


Pat Wilson said:

It sounds like it was scripted and not played.
I thought the creation of the term "heart songs" doomed it from the start, it was also over produced, and the song didn't sound very heart felt, which is kind of ironic.

to elaborate on what i was saying, i'm under the impression that if you guys all got together in a room, rivs on guitar and pat on drums, and tried to rework heart songs, with no studio trickery or anything, it would be a very solid track.

i mean honestly, if you guys can make the state farm jingle sound like every weezer fan's dream, just imagine what potential there is in songs you actually write yourselves. don't overthink the process. do what feels natural, and do what you do best.

Hey hey Rivers ::))) big fann. ur music is soo inspirational that i even picked up guitar playing!!!!! (and only play ur songs!!) i think people dont like Heart songs because it sounds very country and doesnt show the guitar and rock skills that weezer has!!! But its different and its good that u tried something new!! Ohh and if u could can u just reply back with an "hello" at least because i am a HUGGEEEE fan and just would love that :))))

It feels forced and is a bit cheesey.

~~The Secret Weezer Formula~~




Rivers - Lead guitar, lead vocals, chief songwriter

Brian - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals, chief sassmaker

Scott - Bass guitar, backing vocals, making things gooder

Pat - DRUMS!!!!!!!11!1!oNE!1!1!

Weezer - Producer



Step 1: Write an inspired song that you can relate to and feel passionate about. Test yourself while composing it too! Dynamic structures, developed melodies and clever usage of musical elements (like the key changes in Falling For You's solo that makes the last third of the song so light and dreamy or the tempo change in El Scorcho that mirrors the schizophrenic mess your mind becomes in while in love) are your friends! 

To achieve this you don't have to be incessantly autobiographical like in Heart Songs or Losing My Mind. If you're feeling despondent about something you saw on the television, or ecstatic about something your daughter has achieved, write about it! And even if you think the subject matter may sound trite to write about, they don't have to be. Experiment with using elaborate metaphors to make things interesting. A great example of you doing this in the past would be in The Purification of Water. In that song you manage to perfectly capture the feeling of the internal struggle someone finds after doing something they know is wrong. It's done in a way that doesn't expressly reveal what you have done to feel that way, but it's instantly relatable because I can see myself "drinking the water"! It's intelligent, authentic and one of the best songs you've ever written because of it.



Step 2 (optional): If you wish to hone the song into a more developed piece of work, go through your band, not top-40 producers or external artists that want to whittle away the essential Weezer authenticity we worked to acquire in step one! On that note, make sure you don't tweak the songs to a degree where you feel detached from what you were originally singing about, it's very easy to lose focus on just what you originally wanted to achieve when you obsess over every detail of a song for a lengthy period of time. 



Step 3: Recording should be approached like it was in the State Farm video. That song has amazing energy and a tasteful rawness that has been scarcely seen this side of 2000. That can be attributed to the energetic live tracking (where everyone's enthusiasm for playing in the same room can be heard), the looseness of the playing (Scott's little bass flourish at the end is nice!) and the magical set-up that is you on guitar, Pat on drums, Brian on rhythm guitar and Scott on bass. There's no reason for you to spend months upon months in a recording studio when you can accomplish that in an hour. That State Farm song is already at album quality in terms of performance.


There you have it Rivers, the secret Weezer formula!

I'm not going to quote that all, but James Stockwell, you are my hero. You hit everything RIGHT on the head. I would close the thread right now, my god.
I love how Pat Wilson posts go unnoticed. lol
What?! I love Heartsongs! I think it is my favorite on the Red Album! It is a work of art!

Well I really like heart songs. I used to skip it but now it's grown on me. I think it's because the verse feels a little bit bland a nd repetitive as far asthe music goes. I think the lyrics in the verse actually dominate the music which is maybe why some fans don't like it as much. The chorus is really good but it's nothing as amazing as some of your other songs. It's something that the casual listener would like. For example heart songs was my parents favorite song off the album when they heard red. It's not something I can really sink into. I think the bridge and buildup to the final chorus is just amazing though. The final chorus is also very amazing. Again I really like Heart Songs, it just didn't appeal to me as much as the other songs off the album.


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