what is it about "heartsongs" that people don't like?  


trying to learn.........


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Personally, I liked the departure from the normal weezer sound for this song and big sounding finish. However, I understand a bit why people wouldn't feel the same.


I think the soft rock, adult contemporay feel of the song turned of most people who expect a particular sound sound from weezer. While the end of the song delivered a bit in that regard, most people had their mind made up about the song before it reached that point.


Also, I think people can relate to the general theme of the song and having their own "heart songs". While you were just being truthful in naming overall musical influences and things you've listened to, people are far too scared to admit their "guilty pleasures" . That contributes to people idea of the "cheese" factor. It's just hard to feel right singing along to a list of singers and artists.

When I first heard "Heart Songs", I thought it was a slow jamb, like a song to get your Mac on with....then I listened to the lyrics.


I love the song, but I think what turns people off is the style.  It's much different than anything else on the album.  Maybe it should have been track 9. 


Maybe if you referenced GaGa and Miley Cyrus, people would have liked it more........please don't do that though.

Rivers for the love of god please stop reading these responses. Half of them are from the wrong people to listen to and half of them are too brutally honest.


You want to learn? Don't write music based on what your fans think is best because that isn't writing out of love. No great artist has ever been able to achieve something great without doing it for themselves. I hope to god you read this, sit down and just look into your heart for songs that make you feel orgasmic (for lack of a better word, but I KNOW you know exactly what I mean by this).   ...and yes that was an awesome pun on the song title

kind of hoping this turns into a series of threads in which rivers asks about other bad weezer songs.
Personally, I loved "Heart Songs".  It seemed really heartfelt and it had great rhymes.  It's great to hear some genuine influences on your music, and personally was one of the stand-out tracks on one of my all-time favorite albums.  After a few listens, other songs overshadow it, like "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" or "Dreamin'", but that doesn't lessen its quality at all.
i especially like the part where he rhymed "on it" with "on it."

Radioactive said:
it had great rhymes.
Heart Songs is a perfectly good song and it is clear you feel passionately for it but I think it recieved less enthusiastic responses from people because it has a more smooth sound than what is commonly expected from fans. I like the song but for me it took a while to get 'into it' so to speak.

"It had great rhymes" LOL.



Rivdawg, I'm gonna give you a simple homework assignment, just because I love you.  A little while back, you asked us to list off some albums for you to check out for new inspiration.  You've probably heard all or most of the following albums, but I want you to try this experiment.  Go grab a good pair of headphones and listen to The Smashing Pumpkins' Gish, Pixies' Doolittle, and The Replacements' Let It Be in any order.  Then, grab a guitar, flip on the distortion, and have at it.  Write what you feel in that moment.  I really feel like the result would be, at the very least, a good start.  It's a bit cliche but, on the topic of "Heart Songs", I think you just need to get back to basics...but maybe there needs to be some inspiration to make it all click.

Um, yeah, because it worked great with the song.  Not that you would know anything about writing a song, considering your ability to even evaluate one is so lacking.

fluck said:
i especially like the part where he rhymed "on it" with "on it."

Radioactive said:
it had great rhymes.

This is actually a good idea. Asking why hardcore fans dislike certain songs.

Heartsongs is a case of production and music choice hurting it. If that song got a simple butterfly production it might of benefited.

It sounded R&B, down to how you sing. I understand you want to try different styles but when people listen to the guy who wrote blue and pinkerton, they won't find something that sounds like that believable.

No one is saying you can't experiment and try new ideas but do it in the realm of what you are best at to your hardcore fans. Miss sweeney certainly sounds nothing like old-school weezer but it's fantastic. Unspoken sounds nothing like old-school weezer but again it's great.


I find that a lot of times people dislike lyrics in your more recent songs. They come off as too simple and a bit too cheesy. Hurley changed for the better in some regards.

Loved  the metal chains line in unspoken for instance.


The way you sang on pinkerton had such energy and feeling. Every word on that damn album I easily believed. Btw the way those demo clips you posted ( the sea ones) sounded were great. From what I can tell that is the right direction. Doesn't mean you can't experiment with multiple vocal parts and other instruments besides an electric guitar but keep it in weezer grounds.


Let your inner guitar player out.


Rambled a bit.. In short, no one is asking you to phone in a rock weezer song. We are just wanting something that sounds sincere, deep, and feels like it's weezer. Songs from the black h*** sure as hell was sounding different but at the end of the day it felt like weezer.



Let me start off by saying I don't completely hate Heart Songs, nor do I think it's the "most embarrassing piece of musico-nostalgic schlock I’ve heard". It's honestly a guilty pleasure of mine. But I cannot deny its absolute cheesiness or off-putting glossy production.


I feel like the sentiment of the song is right, because certainly Weezer's music would be included in my list of "heart songs". And it's interesting to listen to you naming off some of your favorite artists over the years.


It's the execution of said sentiment that brings a cringe to my face. I really think this song could have been a modern counterpart to In The Garage. 


(Disclaimer: I'm not trying to bring up the old "everything was better in the 90's" argument because I don't subscribe to it. A lot of songs you've released in the past decade have been as great, and some better, than some stuff from the 90's.)


I only bring up In The Garage because it had the right mix of nostalgia, rock, cleverness, and universality - all things that I wish Heart Songs pulled off better.


My main issues with the song are the lyrics and production. I do enjoy that you’re telling a story and how it comes full circle in the end. But it’s done in such a sappy way. I will say that the jazz-hippie line in the first verse and the first half of the second verse (from Quiet Riot to Debbie Gibson) are parts I do like because they do tell your story, albeit in somewhat corny fashion. The same goes for the bridge. I think you’re totally capable producing a good balance of the cheese and the sincerity with a hint of attitude especially since you did it so well before (the aforementioned In The Garage).


As for the production, it’s just too slick and polished. And the literal heart beats in the beginning don’t add any substance. I often wonder what the demo or a more lo-fi version of this song would sound like (something I also consider for several Make Believe tracks as well). Both this song and Make Believe seem to be suffocating from their far too polished production.


Personally, I like a fair amount of R&B/soft-rock music so the style and melody doesn’t necessarily bother me, although I can see why Weezer fans wouldn’t be into it. I like the flow of the verses, and the build up/rock out section at the end is great. If the whole song was done like that (more rock-oriented with a hint of R&B in the verses) it could have maybe won over more people. Still, while I appreciate that you and the band took a chance to depart from the “Weezer” sound with The Red Album (something that I’d love to see more of) Heart Songs was ultimately an ill-advised inclusion.


In seemed like at first you recognized this (when you said in that interview that Heart Songs and Our Time is Coming wouldn’t be Weezer songs) but somewhere along the way you changed your mind. Sometimes things are better left for solo projects, outside collaborations, or Alone releases. An example would be This Is The Way, a type of song I hope Weezer never attempts. It’s cool that you wanted to tackle a new genre, but it’s just not one of your better compositions. Still, perhaps another artist could do something with it (like Adam Lambert did Pick U Up – another guilty pleasure. I’m just a sucker for poppy hooks sometimes).


And if that gets your creative juices going then I’m all for it. I just think that you have to better filter our stuff that will appeal to your fanbase. Not necessarily pandering, just realizing something like Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World is one of the best things you guys have done ever and deserved to be on the standard version of Raditude. Or that Run Over By A Truck deserved to. Or that Pig and Sweeney (because they are indeed amazing) deserved to be on standard Red instead of Cold Dark World and, yes, Heart Songs. Because that too is another reason for the animosity: the fact that those two songs made the cut but Sweeney and Pig (which fit in with the “experimental” nature of The Red Album in their own right) are regulated to deluxe status thus going mostly unnoticed by the general audience.


In conclusion, Heart Songs: Too corny and polished. R&B/soft-rock style alienated audience. Still okay in my book. Could have been better.

it's pretty hard to top an evaluation like "it seemed really heartfelt and it had great rhymes."

you nailed it, bro.

Radioactive said:

Um, yeah, because it worked great with the song.  Not that you would know anything about writing a song, considering your ability to even evaluate one is so lacking.

fluck said:
i especially like the part where he rhymed "on it" with "on it."

Radioactive said:
it had great rhymes.


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