Hear "Tragic Girl", "The Odd Couple", and "Autopilot"...REJOICE!!!

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Yeah, since Matt did background vox on "American Girls" later, I figured it was probably him on bass. However, some sources report that he left the band before this. And there were supposed tryouts in between, before the Velouria session w/ Mikey. Maybe this question will be answered in the deluxe liner notes.

elscorcho said:
Matt didn't leave until '98, I think. He's probably playing bass on this.

Conner Petersen said:

Nate said:
Tragic Girl is so awesome! It amazes me that it was forgotten. What do we really know about this song? When did we find out that it was a 1997 song? Since Matt left that year, is he still on bass? So many questions...what other songs did they record at this time?

We can infer that Matt is not on bass for this, he was gone before it was recorded.
Another thing ...how many other "forgotten" songs do you think are out there? 50? hundreds? I know..I know...there's a reason they might have been forgotten. But...Tragic Girl is just amazing, as was Lullaby for Wayne, and I'm sure songs like Getting up and Leaving, Trampoline, and Spiderbitch will blow our socks off. Weezer was and still is one the hardest working bands ever.
these are all in MONO, kids. Do you have one ear, or two?
I mean it! I really dig those tunes!

mememe said:

Justin Hoenke [honkey doorie] said:
Gotta admit...I'm digging Auto-Pilot and The Odd Couple much more than Tragic Girl
HAHA good one! ;)

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