Why do people generally hate on Weezer's most recent albums? (Make Believe - Memories/DTFM), they're all great albums and I can listen to them without skipping tracks, sure they took a bit of getting used to, personally i hated Pinkerton and Raditude when i first listened to them, but they both HUGELY grew on me. Are people just not open minded enough to embrace a band changing in sounds and having more sophisticated songwriting?

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I totally agree, i don't even understand whats so bad about the albums anyways. they're all great to me.
i guess cause it's 'cool' to hate nowadays... lol
Dude. I LOVE Make Believe!

All their studio albums are great.


DTFM sucks.

not so much lyrics, look at the song structure of some songs though, and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, that songs incredible, sure the songs that people look at, like Pork n Beans, Beverly Hills, Trouble Maker etc, are extremely simple, look at the structure of Dreamin', and practically everything on Raditude (mainly chorus's) is fairly complex, i don't know any actual terms for things, but all the little things going on in the background, (Vocals, then Drums/Guitar, then Synths harmonizing with everything thats going on), but really it's like most electronic music. And sophisticated i suppose isn't quite the right word, i need a larger vocabulary.
since make believe I feel Red was their best effort and had some of the most underrated weezer songs in history, in fact the best songs I felt were on the extra side which was on deluxe only album. King, Miss Sweeney, and spider all top notch weezering. The problem I see is that the A sides are always fun but the B sides hit a real low point. I dont think weezer ever wrote an album that completely sucked and for a band going over 18 years thats not a easy thing to accomplish.
Maladroit is probably up there with Raditude for most hated by Weezer fans, so on that basis alone (and ignoring some of other glaring flaws in your argument) this thread is pointless.

I'm 31 and have been a Weezer fan since 94...

I was def. one of those fans who were Pinketon/Blue diehards and disliked Raditude etc.

But....After the Memories tour I really dove back into listening to all the albums and I have to say they are all really solid records.

Yes Blue and Pinkerton will always mean more to me but I was a teenager. There was so much going on then emotionally.. the music just meant more to me.  Just from a music standpoint though Green, Maladroit, Make Believe, Red are all good albums

I have even learned to appreciate Raditude, the lyrics might not be earthshattering but they have a fun 50'ish feel and I find myslef now appreciating Weezer even more.

I think alot of us "older" fans have been a bit harsh and I for one have changed my tune. Its just Music and it is supposed to be fun. 

Rivers and Weezer have done an amazing job of writing and realeasing catchy tunes for 16years.

They are one of the few "Major" rock bands of our lifetime and I am so greatful that they are still around.


i think there all amazing

They probably "hate on them" because they don't like the music. 


That being said, I do love Make Believe and Hurley, like Maladroit and find a few songs to love on Green and Rad. They've never come close to the transcendental beauty of the first two records, but there are many songs that are as good as the songs on those records. I'm very happy that Weezer still makes music and I am incredibly excited for the next album.

Look how is a musician supposed to grow and get better if everyone accepts every ounce of material put out by them.


It's always good to keep a critical eye and have enjoyment at the same time. The reason why people don't like those albums as much is because the albums took a quality drop lyrically, emotionally, and musically.

I still find them enjoyable but im not gonna turn a blind eye to that fact. There's a reason the first two albums are classics and loved across the boards by everyone compared to the ones that came after.

No one is saying write another blue or pinkerton, no one ever says that I think people just want something that feels personal, is well written, and musically does things that a person won't see coming around the corner.


Across the sea has so many dynamic changes for instance that make it stand out among the cookie cutter....songs to come later. Rivers has written some great songs since then but a cohesive album that has impact on the listener is what is truly desired. Make us CARE about the album. Not the songs.

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