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There's some serious quad tracking on those vocals in BVH. 

Good lord... that raw guitar track on Buddy Holly is devastating!  I had fun comparing the production and sounds of the guitars, drums, and bass sounds of the beginning, middle, and somewhat current periods with these songs.

Also, notice both the bass punch in at the very end of Hash Pipe and how it's sound is then slightly different at the punch in...they must have moved the mic and then went back to punch in.  Presumably to clean it up or tighten up the ending later in tracking.  Also a great bass sound!  I was surprised (and maybe I shouldn't have been) just how much thought Mickey put into Hash Pipe.  It is evident by the noted he chose for various parts and the very solid, precise picking throughout the song.  He was obviously a talented guy!  More then just someone who was chosen to be in Weezer.

This is my first post here.  My Weezer love goes back to '94.  For those who don't have perspective, when Weezer appeared on the scene, the sound was huge and in your face like nothing else out there... but now it is the norm.  When the first power chords and bashing drums of My Name Is Jonas kicked in, I literally nearly fell over backwards.  Somehow, I have video footage of the first time I heard this, so by freak chance that tape started rolling at that moment, I can relive it all these years later.  We are lucky Weezer is still going strong!

really cool
I want to see this tape you speak of.

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