and how did you meet them?

I'm going to a concert this Saturday and me and my friend are planning to get there extremely early in the morning. We're mostly doing this for good seats, but do you think there's a chance we might catch a glimpse of Weezer? We're getting there around 4am ish...

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If you wait by their buses maybe you can meet them.

I didn't know you could wait by their buses?

Anyway-- I met Brian. That's it. I would LOVE to meet the rest of them (including Sarah and Karl). Maybe one day I will.

Yeah I too met Brian he was really cool.
Well, you can wait by any band's bus usually with varying success.

It's really not that difficult to meet them. You just have to figure it out. I would tell you, but the last time I posted how to do it, my post got deleted.


Seats at a gig? 

We won't have a bus on Saturday.  :P
Just try not to cross the line into 'stalking.'
Treat yourself better than that.
Dangit, well, we're probably gonna beat you guys to Pizza Hut Park, so maybe we'll catch a glimpse of you guys.

Sarah C. Kim said:
We won't have a bus on Saturday.  :P
why would you get there so early
Because I need to be front row! That's when concerts are the funnest.

fluck [kittenž (j.biebž)] said:
why would you get there so early
You get there at 12pm and still get front row.

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