I have been looking for harmonica tabs for Weezer songs for a while and I can't find any. I also don't know what key(s) of harmonicas Rivers uses. If you know any tabs for  songs, or the key, that would  be awesome! (Especially for My Name is Jonas and In the Garage) Thanks!

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learning harmonica by tabs is a bad idea.  just listen to songs and pick out the notes and you will learn a lot more that way.

i think there are only 4 weezer songs with harmonica (my name is jonas/in the garage/mykel and carli/freak me out) and they can all be played with an F# harmonica.  that is a bit weird because that is a really rare key for the harmonica, but whatever...maybe that is the only harmonica key rivers has.

ill make some lazy tabs for In the Garage for you, but learn to figure songs out for yourself...it will help in the long run.

5 6 -4 5 -5 -6 5   5 6 -4 5 4....

Thanks for posting this. I've been wondering which key harmonica he uses. :)

Shouldn't the harmonica be in the same key as the root of the song?

in 1st position of an F# harp you play in F#.  but you can theoretically play any key on a single harmonica.  realistically, an F# harp can play in the key of F#, Db, Ab, and Eb.

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