what do you think is the hardest weezer song to play on the guitar, bass, or drums?


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pinkerton drums are pretty hard not because of the beats just because pat doesn't really stick to straightforward beats the whole album, he changes it up and plays what he wants and throws in some nasty fills.  guitar i'd probably say beverly hills






j/k the fingerpicking stuff on blue jonas and garage took a little bit to learn







Falling For You, because of all the chord changes and the key change.
Lol Perfect pic, that song is super easy on bass, it's just long.

G Foo Chombey said:

pinecone said:
Only in dreams for bass hands down xP

"The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" is difficult because it is so long and because there are so many tempo/style changes. But the real reason it's difficult is because you have to sing some pretty intricate vocals at the same time that you're playing an instrument (or two or three...).


I also have trouble with (all the parts in) "Falling for You," but maybe that's just me.


Joe Matson said:

pretty intricate vocals

Most of the songs are easy, but I guess if you had to choose one then it would be......

Guitar - Burndt Jamb

Bass - Getchoo

Drums - Unspoken

ummm I guess only in dreams (the ending) simply because i always forget it

Tragic Girl and Falling for you

I'm too lazy to change my tuning. So pretty much any song that isn't in E is very difficult LOL.

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