Happy Halloweezer guys... check out the Halloween show @ Hammerstein Ballroom from 2009:

More videos of the show here:



Oh, and I filmed Rivers improving some Walking Dead stuff at the Comic-Con Walking Dead Show this past summer haha.  He referred to himself as the governor when he introduced the band.


Happy Halloween everybody!!

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That's great! The Seven Nation Army cover was pretty kickass, too. Looks like it was a fun show!
Does anyone have any cool weezer-themed pumpkin pics? I saw one on fb with the blue album silhouettes and a few with =w= logos. All very cool!

And hello in here, guys. Daniel, today the NY video is making me reconsider my initial lack of interest in the idea of them wearing costumes on the cruise. That's nuts. In that suit, Rivers is totally unleashed! I mean, that was some pretty inventive leg-flapping, bouncing, and attacking Brian, eh?

Lisa, I also love when they play something so different from the sound people expect from them, like this Seven Nation Army cover or the Los Angeles cover on the cruise, something all dark and rockin' like that. More, please! Isn't it gratifying to show that kind of stuff to people who have them labeled as something completely different?

The kind of improv in the other video is some of what I had mind with the lengthy improv/jam session suggestion. The on-the-spot Island In the Sun intros, the cricket song we got in Oklahoma, those are like our version of Rock This B****, and extended versions would be great on the cruise. You know, show us what it's like when Rivers writes alone as well as when they get together and collaborate. We've all seen the regular shows, so that would be a bonus feature. Even if it sucked, it would be worth the time! It would be nice for the people on the cruise in particular to experience them as much as possible as the guys we know goofin' around being themselves and not only acting as our almighty rock gods, if that makes sense, although we certainly need our Greatest Man moments, too!

Who wouldn't love to hear Rivers just go off on guitar for a long time, completely indulgently, and allow us to hear the full range of his talent that everyone says far exceeds what ends up on the albums? We get glimpses in Ustreams and things, but just give us the whole darn thing already! Just let it wash over us. In summary, I want them to get goofy, get mean, get indulgent (just for a moment, for us).

Agreed, Cheryl! Great comment!  (I wish replies had "like" buttons, too!)

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