Ah, the return of the Friday thread. Let's see if it's worth it.


What's everyone up to?


Today- Work, gym, going to the movies with the gal.

Saturday- Sleep in hopefully, gym, seeing Chuck Love @ King King



Anyone doing anything fun or interesting?



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Friday - Masturbate
Saturaday - Masturbate!!

Today: Chill 

Tomorrow: Study

Sunday: Study/Chill

there's lots of chilling and masturbating going on here

Today: playgroup, chill and study

Tomorrow: bake something, chill and study

Sunday: clean house, chill and study

tonight: hanging out with my friends while they get drunk and i watch, maybe bowling

tomorrow: morning date, football game in the afternoon

sunday: try to finish reading a book, practice korean, work on grad school apps, maybe watch some NFL even though i dont really care.


there's lots of chilling and masturbating and studying going on here
Friday - chill
Saturday - chill and doctor who
Sunday - homework
Tongiht: Napoleon Total war, college application, chill
Saturday-Lagoon, Doctor Who
Sunday-Work, homework, chill, breaking bad

friday - went to a 40th wedding anniversary party..........i don't know what time i got home but i woke up at 14:00 today!

today - head hurts, watch football, tidy house, pub

sunday - do feck all


HoC, do you mean proper football?


jon, you should of bought loads of butter pies ;)

late but anyway...

Friday: Driving all day in the pouring rain for 7 hours,  Dinner by friends

Saturday: big lunch, a game of settlers, out to partay

Sunday: big brunch, day at the zoo, BBQ or Chili, watch football  (no work.... woohoo!)


no :-)

edgey44 said:


HoC, do you mean proper football?


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