What's everyone up to this weekend?

As for me, not much, still a bit under the weather and next week is very busy at work so i am going to take it easy...

Friday- take it easy
Saturday- take it easier
Sunday- take it not quite as easy as Friday or Saturday, but still easy, jamming with Aegeantyphoon a bit.

Anyone doing anything interesting or fun?

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How is this different than last weekend or the one before that?
today- maroon 5 concert
tomorrow- drive to socal
sunday- magic mtn (theme park with roller coasters and whatnot)
mon-drive home
new apartment stuff? I thought you lived with atomic...
ah, cool
all the best in your new place biebs!
not much to do in S.shields then...............

Dr. B. Lurkom said:
no there is not.

edgey44 said:
not much to do in S.shields then...............
Today- went to Dr. in "the big city" to check on baby. Everything looks good. Tonight study and maybe write paper.

Tomorrow- study for bio test and write/finish writing paper

Sun- study for bio test and catch up on chem.
Sat- Friend over.

Sun- Sleep.

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