have a great day!

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Happy birthday Trevor :)
Happy Birthday Homie G
happy birthday trev-dawg!
thank you guyz - you are the best :-)
all the best trevor

let's party

Tom Hanks, PhD said:
Who's Trevor?
Happy birthday Trevor :)

trevor, are you hvaing a good day?


sitrep, plz

hey berry,


well - lets see. Woke up pretty late!  Took a shower.  Got gas and a car wash done to my car.  Ate at my favorite restaurant (meal was a Shirley Temples, Beef Ribs, Fries, and coleslaw). Came home for a bit. Left again, drove the 110 S to the 101 N.


I went to a Psychedelic Furs concert.  I had a great time @ the gig.  Came home, got online and replied to all of my birthday comments on my facebook wall


Good day thus far


happy late b day my friend

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