Happy Birthday to one of the greatest musicians who ever lived! 

 You probably noticed already that Google has an awesome animated video in their logo celebrating today.  In honor of the day I've changed my profile pic to last year's Halloween costume, I went as John Lennon "The New York Years" haha.

My girlfriend is uber in love with Lennon (and The Beatles in general), so she's got all kinds of things planned out.  We're going to Strawberry Fields in NYC to hang out with other fans.  There's a cool video of Ozzy Osbourne covering John Lennon's "How?" where he does the same thing many fans will do today, walk to Strawberry Fields and leave flowers on the Imagine seal... which for those who don't know is right as you walk into Central Park near the building where he lived (and died), in New York.  Check out the video

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70 years..oh god! it's unbelievable
join to birthday greetings!!!
We miss, and love You John! Thanks for Your part in making our world love music! Music is life to me!
I've been to Strawberry Fields, and it actually moved me to tears. Wish I could be there today.
I got to go there once when I was a teenager. It is very moving! It would have been wonderful to have seen all the people there today.

Happy would-be 70th birthday, John Lennon - I listened to so much of the Beatles' music as a kid. What a mark they made on the world of music, and my taste in music as well!

Mr. Sweeney said:
I've been to Strawberry Fields, and it actually moved me to tears. Wish I could be there today.
I just got back from Central Park. We went to a special movie that Yoko had set up in the park, a documentary that will appear on PBS in Nov 22nd (I believe) called Lennonyc. It was great! It was cool to sit there with 5,000 other Beatles/Lennon fans. It was a cool experience! But it was pretty cooolld haha. The documentary had some never before seen stuff. 'Twas a great night!

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