hope you're having a good day!

it's lovely and sunny and cold here today and i got 2 bottles of champagne from work colleagues as wedding gifts so i'm a-ok :D

how you doin'?

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there are only 9 days left

life sucks

the proof is that i'm here

Watching the 12-12-12 concert on TV.... trying to tell myself that I have a better view from my living room but its not working :(   I hope those Mo Fo scalpers burn!   Concert rocks though 

Happy day indeed!

I directed my first concert ever. My 4th and 5th graders performed as "The Banneker Bards" for a short, but sweet first concert. I'll never forget this day!

what does it take to get you guys to participate in ye olde gif thread

this place sucks now, man

what the fluck, man

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