So I just realized "El Scorcho" is a dead on synopsis of my current situation. I met a half-Japanese girl in my speech 101 class a few months ago, and the thing is it's the last day of class tomorrow and I still can't get myself to ask her out. She somewhat knows me, since we talk to each other in class and stuff, but other than that no numbers/Facebook or outside contact. I like her personality and humor from the times I've been with her, and I just think things would work perfectly, but that's just my wishful thinking. Would it be awkward to ask someone I don't really know too well out? It's the last day, so I probably won't see her again anyway. I know asking for love advice on a public forum is pretty weird, but I'm bored at the moment and feel like writing this down will ease my anxiety heh...

So, what do you guys/gals think, is it creepy and should I move on or should I just try despite the possible humiliation?

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while it's technically possible, it's not reccomended

☺♥ kïttens ♥☺ said:

ok no, i'm pretty sure you cannot facebook friend her before you ask her for coffee.

Jman99 said:

DEfinitely go for it bro, don't do what rivers did and not pursue her b/c ur left wondering 'what if?" just get her digits and facebook friend her, then ask her to go out for coffee after class..DUH!

Radioactive said:

You should ask her to go to a Green Day concert. If she hasn't heard of them, go into her room and read her diary. Then you guys can watch Grunge leg job Nu Jack through a press table whilst listening to Cio Cio San.

How stupid are you? You can't talk about it, you gotta type about it and make a post of your heart. For all you know, she wants you to. Or maybe she doesn't know what to do. Or quite possibly she's too afraid to say she's falling for you.

What you need to do is get your head out of the sand, if you think the two of you would make a good team. She might do anything for you, like cleaning your fingernails. But it could be just some stupid dream, because you're not even willing to ask her while looking into her eyes without shaking. She could bring home the Thanksgiving feast if you bring home the breakfast strips for the next day.

If she's a lot like you, then she could be good for you. And you'd be good for her.

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