Weezer fans- typically within days of a new album's release, the web is replete with guitar tabs and lyrics.  Nothing yet for the awesome rockin' tunes on Death To False Metal - 'Everyone' (obviously a nod to bleach era nirvana), 'Trampoline,' and 'Autopilot.'  Anyone know what's up with that? -Greg  

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no one liked the album enough to bother.
"the awesome rockin' tunes" ... matthew? matthew pietsch? is that you?
Did you try google?
Death To False Metal wasn't really promoted at all and it isn't really a proper album with singles etc.
If it helps at all, the main riff to every one is A#5 B5 G5 E5. Awesome riff, have fun. 

"Everyone" a nod to Bleach-era Nirvana?


You can't say "obviously" unless you know it as a fact.

And you don't.


Because you're wrong.

































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