I was just thinkin since in may it'll me the ten year anniversary of the green album if they would consider releasing a green album deluxe edition and maybe play all blue album pinkerton and green album songs during the memories tour just a suggestion

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If they don't make a 2-disc deluxe edition with b-sides and a buttload of SS2k demos (and maybe a live track or two?) to match the 2004 Blue Album I will cry.

Break down and cry.
I hope they do put out a green deluxe. But I don't think it will be soon. Pink deluxe took forever.
That would be one of the most amazing things to ever happen. Other than Alone III being called The Pinkerton Years (if that is even true). We obviously have most of SS2K up for download, but I like Hard Copies much more..... So Yeah.
It would be great idea that they release it along with the Maladroit.
It will complete all the album's Deluxe Edition.

blakesp26 said:
You never fail
It would have to be enormous, but yeah, it'd be awesome.

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