After reading this post i wanted to ask if a Green Album Deluxe is coming out anytime soon

Radioactive said:

I'm excited.  I know we got a Red album, RaditudeHurleyPinkerton deluxe and Death to False Metal, as well as deluxe versions of most, so there should be enough Weezer to hold us over...


But a deluxe two-disc Green album would be great this year while we're waiting.  And even a two-disc Raditude...  Because even though Raditude already has a two-disc release, aaand it just came out, there are plenty of demos and sessions that would be great on it, and it basically has a majority of the tracks from the iTunes pass...  But that deserves its own topic.


Anyways, deluxe versions would be amazing to hold the =rwa= over...  For selfish people like me.

Weezer has spoiled us the last three years, so much so that I'm overly dependent.  I have to buy their live albums to keep myself satisfied.

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I think a Green album Deluxe would be perfect because there are over 70 songs which never mader it on the album and the vast majority or them have never been heard by anyone except Weezer such, it would also be an amazing tribute to Mikey.

I hope we get it to, I just hope they don't concentrate on live/acoustic singles like Pinkerton.

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