now, i'm not one who loves christmas... at all

last year my entire amount of decorations was one stocking (that iv'e had since i was 1)

but after working hard this year and passing my first year of university, and a f****** awful last few weeks i decided to treat myself this year. do you treat yourselves?

also, what should i get, i am tied between a new bass or one of them HD lcd 32" TV's 

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I might buy myself a pack of Ramon noodles.

Jim Gaffigan Tickets

Red Ryder BB Gun

or a nice football

I bought myself Pinkerton Diaries, a goodie package from my favorite actor, and a yoga set...then again, my folks don't have a lot of money, I am in graduate school with a lot of extra loan money, and I don't have a significant other to get things for...

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