If you listen to Fun.'s new album, "Some Nights", (which is phenomenal, by the way) I feel a major Queen vibe coming from it. Maybe its just the lead singer's voice, maybe its their instruments, I don't know, I just think of Queen when I hear it. I've told this to multiple others, and they completley agree with me. What do you guys think?

Please, no hate comments if you don't agree. Just say if you don't agree and why.

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it's all about green day

no, green day are the new beatles.


Zayn Malik's Enticing Jihad said:

no, green day are the new beatles.

Some Nights (intro) is the only song that reminds me of Queen.

A better question is Will One Direction be the next beatles?

no, we already covered the next beatles, idiot.

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