If you listen to Fun.'s new album, "Some Nights", (which is phenomenal, by the way) I feel a major Queen vibe coming from it. Maybe its just the lead singer's voice, maybe its their instruments, I don't know, I just think of Queen when I hear it. I've told this to multiple others, and they completley agree with me. What do you guys think?

Please, no hate comments if you don't agree. Just say if you don't agree and why.

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but queen didn't suck...

also i don't think you understand how tags are supposed to work.

oh, and fyi, you posted this thread twice. good work.

Not true at all, but their last album was pretty good. Haven't heard the new one yet.

Who is fun?

i am!

shut up - Fun isn't as good as Queen.  Also, Fun will never sell out Knebworth Park like Queen did.

Now hold on just a minute.... Did you listen to them, I mean did you guys really listen to fun.?

nope, sorry...I was awake

crystal iceburg said:

Now hold on just a minute.... Did you listen to them, I mean did you guys really listen to fun.?

I don't get this comparison at all. Queen were avowed genre hoppers and experimenters, and I'm not getting any of that from Fun. I have a friend who's really into them and have heard two of their albums in her car, but it just sounded like bland commercial alt pop to me - in the category of stuff like Motion City Soundtrack and My Chemical Romance. Not offensive, but not doing anything interesting either. Oh well.

fun. is incredible.

Before any skeptics go all douche, try listening to "Be Calm" and "Some Nights (Intro)" 

These are a few of their many great songs, and definitely back up any Queen-similarity statements

Of course, they'll never be as huge as Queen, but they do have the number one song and number two album on iTunes currently.

hey i listened to those songs and this band still sucks. should i try listening while i am asleep?

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