the sun is out, it's friday and all's right with the world.

what are your plans for the weekend, atnw?

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Be lazy as much as to Philly next week and NYC the week after that....
Today I'm taking the kid swimming for what will probably be the last time this year.

Tomorrow - Hanging out with my aunt while the kids play and the men work on their cars.

Sunday - Early morning hike then a long drive up the canyon to see all the pretty fall colors. :)
Saturday - play Bad Company 2 on my PS3

Sunday - Probably do the same, but mix it up a little and try Resistance as well, maybe slap Modern Warfare 2 for being such a shitty game..
no! my muscles hurt like crazy today but i'm meant to be going again tomorrow so we shall see.
It's raining cats and dogs here but that is to be expected this time of year on the coast.

Today: get house ready for friends to spend the weekend.
Tonight: cook dinner and dessert for friends and my fam.
Tomorrow: hope to go to the beach but probably won't due to rain.
Sunday: see friends off and clean up after entertaining them the weekend.
have you hunted down the folk that keyed your car?
tonight - get ratted!
tomorrow - go to liverpool and get ratted
sunday - take painkillers for headache and go for run in the hils!
Today: 2 B-day parties to check out after work, as long as I don't get too s***-faced at the first one
Tomorrow: Recover
get sh1t faced!! its friday!! wooooo
Saturday: Watch kid play soccer, wash cars, make the yard pretty.

Sunday: Family day - all play and no work.
I just have differing levels of sh1t faced.

1) slobbering fool
2) incoherent idiot
3) vomit

I'm aiming for # 2
Saturday-Honda Civic Tour at San Diego State
Sunday-Not watching chargers game because it's being blacked out :'(

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