the sun is out, it's friday and all's right with the world.

what are your plans for the weekend, atnw?

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Goin home this weekend!
for some reason this comment depresses me
Tegan and Sara?
today- booze, gal, release, sleep
Saturday- Greekfest in Pasadena
Sunday- jam with Typhoon, dinner with gal's folks
Today- Class, Hopefully get done with some recording.
Saturday- Watch the Alabama game, then hopefully get done with some recording/ practice.
Sunday- Hopefully recording/practice.

and Paramore!
me and my buds are goin to find some buds
Sometimes it's the little mundane things in life that bring us the greatest pleasure.
I saw it when it came to New York and it really depressed me because it made me feel old. Most of the kids there to see Paramore were there because of Twilight and they did NOT know the words to "Pressure" and I thought that would've been the biggest song they'd play.
my friday sucked
yeah same. maybe your saturday will be better?
That's depressing. stupid twilight freaks.

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