today is friday, friday - probably just drinking and watching a movie

tomorrow is saturday - cleaning followed by dinner/drinks with friends

and sunday comes afterwards - no idea


yeah that wasn't very exciting.



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Yesterday was Thursday - did stuff, went to an improv comedy show

Today it is Friday - yeah, that's true

We, we, we so excited - yes, also true

we so excited - ehh, alright. enough.

tomorrow: looking for a new jackwagon

sunday: mothers day, so mum-related stuff

Not so sure


Already filed an extension with the IRS so no accountant Saturday.


Finish up school work, help out my cousin, and just fluck around most likely.


today is friday, friday - kick myself for not accepting the offer to go see the strokes tonight...not that I'm that big of a fan, but it most likely beats whatever I'll end up doing.

tomorrow is saturday - sleep late, maybe work out, then go out at night for a few drinks.

and sunday comes afterwards - sleep, complain about having to work the next day.

Today - Convincing my family that I'm pregnant again. Bazinga! I'm an a$$. Also go running.

Tonight - Watch a movie and drink excessively.

Tomorrow - Change the oil in the car (not personally, of course), go running, chillax.

Sunday - Dunno. Somethin'.

today is friday, friday - work, dinner, a movie and then going out to dance 

tomorrow is saturday - hockey game

and sunday comes afterwards - working on presentations and studying :(

Today - gym, chill

Sat - gym, work on house, going out with a friend ;)

Sun - visiting a buddy of mine from D.C. who is in town for the weekend, he just had laser surgery on his eyes so I plan on messing with him as much as possible.

Tonight- catch up on some TV.

Sat- watch kid play arena soccer, look for more CD storage

Sun- putz around the house, spend some time outside


today-eat pizza

tomorrow- watch star trek

sunday- i dunno

Just saw the Miniature Tigers play a free show, and then I'm going to their other one tonight.

Saturday, I'm gonna jam.

Sunday, I'm gonna eat.
today is friday, friday. gotta go to a forced family outing.
tomorrow is saturday, going to a concert
sunday comes after, catching up on whatever i am procrastinating on tonight and tomorrow.

OnlyinPinkerton said:
Just saw the Miniature Tigers play a free show, and then I'm going to their other one tonight.


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