weezer ticket giveaway April 21st at the Flamingo Cantina 515 E. 6th Street Austin Texas





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seems like a pretty desperate way to get people to go see your band.

who asked you?


I am not in a band, the ticket giveaway is to Promote LMC Radio.




people use promotional stuff like this all the time, sorry you have a problem with it.

so you're promoting this little internet radio station, and you're doing so by giving out free tickets.


maybe you should, you know, actually promote that, instead of listing the little internet radio station once at the very bottom of the page. it's a wild concept to actually feature the item being promoted, i know.

I work for the flamingo cantina, the radio station is giving away the free tickets, they have their own promotion for that, I am simply spreading the word. and don't care what you think about it.


contact lmcradio and ask them if they need your input, not sure why you are so worried about it?


these people can promote their event/band how ever they want.

their attempt at promotion sucks.
to me what is truly "desperate" and what "sucks" are pathetic lonely people who make lame remarks about other people and places they know nothing about, over the internet. what is it jeously? I know you have no friends.

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