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hmmm i see flarm as more of a VP. pat wilson's VP, in fact.

if-i-were-an-orange said:


Horsey [Jupiter 80] said:

I think Flarm would have been a better choice for President

if-i-were-an-orange said:

yes, we could make slights about his name being Hussein.  or we could talk about what he has failed to do:

close guantanimo

reach a peace treaty between Israel and

alter the patriot

stimulate the economy to make more

Yes, none of this is good.....but I'd hardly say he is the worst president in US history.  How about Franklin Peirce whose land hungry ambitions set everything up for the Civil War, or James Buchanan after him who didn't even acknowledge the issue of slavery (or states rights) to make damn well sure that our country would split in half.  Obama hasn't done the best job, but I think Congress isn't helping him (at all) and at least he hasn't caused half of our country to bounce.

Horsey [Jupiter 80] said:

As much as I despise the results, they are what they are.  The people have spoken.  Congratulations Barack Hussein Obama II.

I'm more interested in the new prez earth


ah yeah

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