Okay...maybe not fixes, but some improvements would be nice.

*  "go to first new post" button on the main forum page or discussion area page?

This is especially needed on the mobile version as it doesn't give you an option at the bottom to go to the last page...have to sift through every page to get to the latest post.

I'll just give the one...chime in if you have others.

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I may be blind...I don't see it...
fvck...nevermind....so used to seeing it highlighted by the post title...this forum format is new to me.
needs a "quote" feature instead of "reply to this" and keep comments in order.

needs more comments per page than just 12 or whatever it is now.
Well...I think that's the formut of this forum template and doubt that will change....but yes, I agree....
Another one...maybe I'm missing this one too....a way to turn off the original post from showing at the top of every page??
I agree about the quote feature. I hate that you have to read through the whole thread to see all the new replies.
Most of the time when I go to another page on the thread it automatically scrolls down so I don't see the original post at the top.
I guess this is kinda related to the forums. I'd like it if there were a few chat rooms to choose from - like there are different areas of the forums. It'd be cool to have ATW, Musical Discussion, and ATNW chat rooms.
Yep. I like that feature too. Easier to follow.
Bah...last reply button takes you to the end of the thread, not to the replies one may have posted.

I got sick of the constant notification emails though saying someone responded to my post....

And I need emoticons so I can show my extreme anger......
you can turn off the notifications in your settings.

i think it's retarded how all new replies aren't appended to the end of the thread and are, instead, placed in response to whichever post they are a direct reply to. this is just silly; bring back the quote facility and just put all replies at the end of the thread. i've already posted this in the admin thread so i hope it'll get sorted soon.

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